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Noble Arms was created on a dream to provide high quality firearms training for everyone with a primary focus on safety.  We use our knowledge and patience to provide each student with unrivaled training.  With over 30 years of law enforcement, 20 years of SWAT, and 16 years firearms instructing experience, we pride ourselves on using what we have learned to connect with each student.  We strive to provide the safest and most prevalent training experience in our classes.  The material we provide in our courses not only trains the students on the safety and responsibility of firearms handling, but it also focuses on the skills necessary to protect themselves, their family, and/or the communities they serve. 

Never stop training. Never stop learning. Train safely.  PROTECT WHAT'S YOURS.


Matthew Lasker
Gun safety classes from Michael Davis

Michael Davis


Matthew Lasker


Mike Davis is a lead instructor and co-owner for Noble Arms.  He is currently on his 17th year in law enforcement and serves as a Lieutenant at a police department located in a suburb of Cleveland.  He is an active member of a regional SWAT team and has over 10 years of tactical experience.  Mike is a lead instructor for his agency, with the responsibilities of Active Threat Training, Firearms Training, Firearms Requalifications, and instructing in the Basic Police Academy.  With the mindset that there is always room to improve, Mike is always looking for ways to better himself.  He has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati.

Matt Lasker is a lead instructor and co-owner for Noble Arms.  Matt currently serves as a Sergeant at a police department in a suburb of Cleveland and has over 15 years experience as a Law Enforcement Officer.  Matt is also a member of the regional SWAT team where he is one of the lead firearms instructors for the team.  Since 2012, Matt has been involved with Special Weapons and Tactics and firearms instruction.  He is an instructor for his Police Agencies Active Threat Response Training Program, Firearms Training, Firearms Requalification Program, and is a unit instructor in the Basic Police Academy.  He has a Masters degree in Criminal Justice Administration

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