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This course is designed to challenge the students individually. This course will focus on utilizing your pistol and rifle at realistic distances with added stress factors.  This is not a basic firearms course and students are expected to have a strong understanding of both the pistol and the AR-15 style rifle system as well as demonstrate proper and safe firearms handling to attend this class.  Proof of prior pistol/carbine course attendance may be requested. Student should be in good physical shape and be prepared to run, sprint, and move from position to position throughout the during of the course. 

Equipment needed:

Handgun with holster and magazine pouches

Rifle (Please have rifle already zeroed)

300 rounds of pistol ammunition

400 rounds of rifle ammunition

At least 2 pistol magazines

At least 3 rifle magazines

Eye protection

Ear protection

Ball cap

Proper range clothing





6/14/2023 (OTOA Conference)

6/15/2023 (OTOA Conference)

6/16/2023 (OTOA Conference)

*Register through OTOA website*

7/23/2023- Northern Ohio Tactical Training Center (NOTTC)

11/12/2023- Northern Ohio Tactical Training Center (NOTTC)



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